Information, Inclusions & Fees

Opening Hours

Opening Hours We will be open from 7.00am to 6.00pm for 51 weeks of the year.

Our Fees:

★ African Cubs : $156.00 per day
★ Ocean Room : $156.00 per day
★ Jungle Room : $143.00 per day


Inclusions & Exclusions

We provide all meals, snacks, fruit, nappies and milk (excluding formula). We also provide high staff ratios, leading school readiness and literacy programs and most importantly lots of fun and friendship for your babies, infants and pre-schoolers.

All you need to pack for your child is sleeping sheets, a drink bottle filled with water, a baby bottle and formula if required, any dummies or comfort teddy if your child is under 3. And most importantly some spare clothes in case of any toileting accidents or spills. Please make sure all items are clearly labelled.


Upon enrolment families must pay a refundable security deposit equivalent to whichever fee payment schedule that you choose eg. fortnightly payer, the bond will be two weeks at full rate. We do however require 4 weeks notice prior to ending your enrolment (if between February and October) and 8 weeks notice prior to ending your enrolment (if in November, December and January). Payments will continue to be deducted from your account for the full notice period whether your child is in attendance or not.


Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

For more information on your eligibility for Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate, please see the below links or call 13 61 50

Click here for Childcare Rebate   Click here Childcare Benefit